Week 11 Of 16: Accesories

I managed to pull something in my lat today doing chin-ups which made for an interesting session. I managed to get through everything and after a lor of stretching its starting to feel better!

Seated DB OH Press- 35X15, 35X12X3
Chin-ups- 6,5,4,4,4,4,4,3
Cable Row- 35X15X3
BB Bicep Curls- 50X15X3
DB Curl- 25X8X3

13 Down
13 KB Swings, 13 push-ups… 12,12,11,11 all the way until 1 and 1 TIME: 10:16

I was dying by the end of this.

On a bright note my knee wraps came in today! I’m really looking forward to getting used to the pain and playing around with wraps! I’m going to start in the next couple of weeks to prep for the RPS competition in Rochester.

Looking forward to resting this weekend and killing Monday’s squats!