Trying To Stay Mobile & Making A Difference

So if you are following my blog, you will know that I’m coming off a down week and my heavy lifting starts again on Monday. On Monday, I will be 6 weeks out from the World Championships in Vegas! This is huge for me since I have never competing in the states before… Right now I have mixed emotions… I’m excited, I’m nervous… you name it… One thing I decided to start doing today is mobility work to try and  stay as mobile as possible… I’ve been having some random stiffness and soreness here in there which I know is normal but I want to try and keep it minimal as possible and stay injury free…

So I decided to take an hour out of my off days to stretch, foam roll and do a shit ton of mobility work to stay healthy and injury free… after the hour I spent today I’m feeling pretty freaking awesome… I will do the same thing again tomorrow and I will top it off with a hot tub!:)… Can’t wait!

On another note… Jason Ingham, a huge inspiration in my life has recently started a website well to basically drop all your bullshit and make you become more awesome than you already are ( he explains it much better than I do!)… I’d advise anyone who is a lifter or anyone really to check out his website @ www.bringitdaily.com …. Check it out, share it, like it, get the word out! Get motivated & make a difference today!