Toronto Supershow Recap- A Learning Experience

I’ll start off by saying the Toronto Supershow was definitely a blast! There was some high points and low points of the competition and my results but I managed to end up on top. The morning started off okay, I woke on time had everything ready to go; until we got the the venue and everything started to go downhill very quickly. I get there and realized that I didn’t have my OPA card with me so had to figure out what the heck I was going to do… luckily everything got sorted out! On the bright side I made weight, on the not so bright side the 2hr weigh in affected me way more than I had hoped. Since I am used to 24hr weigh ins and potentially gaining 8-10lbs in a day, having 2hrs and not being able to gain more than 2 lbs really took a toll on my strength; I didn’t realize this until I began to warm up, everything just felt plain HEAVY! I physically felt fine, everything just seemed to go wrong… late start time… screwed up warmups… missing people. I just found myself becoming overwelmed and disappointed and it definetly affected me mentally and physically.

None the less, it was most definitely a learning experience; I now know what I have to do to exceed my expectations for next time. I was more than thrilled and overwelmed by everyone who congratulated and came up to talk to me afterwards about my performance. I had over 2 dozen people I’ve never met in my life come up to me and tell me I’m an inspiration and they watch my videos all the time; not going to lie I almost felt famous for a second (haha).

396.8 (180) Squat
192.9 (87.5) Bench
468.5 (212.5) Deadlift
1058.2 (480) Total
429.312 WILKS

I ended up winning the overall competition (best female lifter) but I was disappointed at the time mostly because this was the first meet my total that wasn’t higher than my previous one and I didn’t hit any of the numbers I was planning on hitting. That being said I am now more than thrilled because I know what I have to do next time to get to where I want to be. Everyone knows you’re your own worst critic, I tend to be very hard on myself but I’m taking what I learned from this competition and I’m bringing it to the next one!