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Sometimes You Have To Take A Step Back To Move Forward

For anyone who has ever bought a house for the first time knows that it’s one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do in a lifetime- I’ve come to learn this for myself very quickly. For the last year or so I had been debating taking the next step of adulthood and finally in April I decided to take the plunge, I put an offer on a house and got approved for a mortgage. I was overwhelmed with joy, excitement and a whole lot of anxiety.

I had just taken on one of the biggest responsibilities in my life. Though it’s exciting to have my own space and decorate it to my liking it’s a heck of a lot of work and takes a huge financial adjustment.

In my case some things had to give- I started working a lot more which meant I had a lot less time to train, hangout with friends and post on social media- Needless to say I’ve been somewhat of a ghost for the last few months. I have kept up with my training only missing a few sessions here and there but I’m finally coming to a point where I’m getting back on track and feel like I’m gaining control of my time again.

I’m settled into the new house with the super handyman Kam Hughes who I couldn’t thank enough. After moving into the house at the beginning of July he made me feel so much more at ease. I had no idea how to do anything, literally nothing. He showed me how to rip out the hideous parquet floors, change all the electrical outlets, change lighting fixtures, build closets and much, much more. I would have been completely lost without him and I’m beyond grateful for all his help during this process.

Now that things have semi settled, I’m ready to get back to posting regularly and making the gym and my mental health a priority. My jaw dropped when I realized there’s only 11 weeks until Provincial’s, seriously where does the time go? Anyhow, I’m alive an breathing, not dead, just human and I’m ready to take this training cycle to the next level and aim for some big numbers in November- It’s safe to say I’m back in action!

Here’s what I’ve done for the month:

Monday, August 6th, 2018

Bench Press: 45X8, 95X5, 135X2… 155X3, 165X2X2, 175X2, 180X2, 185X2

Dips: 15X10/8/7/7/6

1 Arm DB Row: 80X8X5

Laying DB Triceps Ext: 25X10X4

Hammer Curl: 20X10X4

Tuesday, August 7th 2018

Back Squat: 45(20)X8, 154(70)X5, 221(100)X3… 259(117.5)X8, 275(125)X8, 308(140)X6X3

Leg Press: 405X8X4

Laying Down Hamstring Curls: 85X10X4

1 Legged Laying Down Hamstring Curls: 25X8X4

Pull-ups: 6/5/4/4/4

Planks(s): 60X3

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

Bench Press: 45(20)X8, 87(40)X5, 132(60)X2, 143(65)X8, 154(70)X8, 165(75)X6X3

Seated DB OH Press (neutral grip): 35X8X4

Lat Pull Down (slow ecc): 80X10X3

1 Arm Machine Row: 45X10X3

Laterals: 10X15X4

DB Reverse Flys: 10X15X4

Face Pulls: 37.5X12X3

Cable Triceps Extensions: 42.5X12X3

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

OFF- Drove to Hamilton & back to move Kam to Ottawa! 😊

Friday, August 10th, 2018

OFF- Moved into the new house! 😊

Saturday, August 11th, 2018

Sumo Deadlift: 154(70)X5, 221(100)X3, 275(125)X1… 298(135)X8, 325(147.5)X8, 358(162.5)X6X3

Stiff Leg Deadlifts: 231(105)X8X3

Seated Rows: 130X10X4

1 Arm Machine Row: 45X10X4

Lat Pull Down: 90X10X3

Sunday, August 12th, 2018


Monday, August 13th, 2018

Split Squats: 132(60)X8, 143(65)X8, 154(70)X8

Stiff Leg Deadlifts: 187(85)X10X4

Leg Press: 365/405/455/495X8

GHR: 8X4

Leg Extensions: 100/120/130X10

1 Legged Leg Extensions (1s hold, slow ecc): 40X10X3

1 Legged Laying Down Leg Curls: 45X10X3

Leg Raises: 20/15/15

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

DB Press: 40/50/60/60X8

Chin-ups: 7/5/4

Wide Pull-ups: 4/3/3

DB Flys: 25X10X4

Dips: 15/12/12/10

Wide Rows: 45X10X4

Laterals: 5X10X4

Lat Press Downs: 32.5X10X4

DB Hammer Curls: 15X12X5

1 Arm DB OH Triceps Ext: 20X12X5

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Front Squat: 45(20)X8, 132(60)X5, 165(75)X3, 198(90)X1… 221(100)X6X4

Goodmornings: 187(85)X8X3

DB Split Squats: 25X10X3

Back Extensions: 45X15X3

Knee Raises: 15X4

Thursday, August 16th, 2018


Friday, August 17th, 2018

Close Grip Bench: 45(20)X8, 87(40)X5… 132(60)X8, 143(65)X8, 154(70)X8

Seated Row: 130X8X3

Incline DB Press: 45X8X3

Chin-ups: 8/7/6/6/5

Lat Pull Down: 90X10X3

Side Laterals: 10X12X3

Overhead Db Triceps Ext: 25X10X3

Face Pulls: 37.5X15X3

1 Arm Cable Triceps Ext: 17.5X20X3

Saturday, August 18th, 2018


Sunday, August 19th, 2018