Heavy Bench Day… ROUGH!

I felt pretty good today until I started benching surprise surprise; just my luck… I forget to change the weight on the bar… so everything I was doing was 2 and a bit pounds heavier… which you wouldn’t think would make a different but FML does it ever… Will wanted me to work up to a top set of 195X6… didn’t quite make it though… Since the bar we use to bench weighs like 47 and a bit we put 1 1/4’s on the end but I left the 2.5lbs on each side which murdered me a bit… But I still hit a pretty dirt PR.

182.5X6… good
187.5X6… good
192.5X6… hard, last rep was a dirty grinder…

My back kept on seizing up so my form was all screwed up for the last 2 sets… Back is still pretty fired from yesterday’s deads… Will have to take another run at it next week.

Flat Back Bench (wide)- 135X6 paused… easy
Flat Back Bench (wide)- 135X6 paused… easy
Flat Back Bench (wide)- 135X6 paused… easy

Finally starting to feel good

Incline Pushups- 10,15,12

Ran out of time to do extra accessory work… gym was packed and I had to head to work… Hopefully My squats will feel better tomorrow!