Deficit Deads & Dare I Say Cardio…

I was feeling pretty freaking awesome today! My eating was bang on and I had a 10 hour sleep, which really helped me out today. Deads went pretty smoothly today, unfortunately I haven’t had any opportunity to video tape anything because its been so busy in the gym … Nothing more frustrating than crossfitters doing double unders and somehow knocking my phone on the ground… grr… So I said screw the video today.

Deadlifts (off 3 mats)









All felt pretty smooth… last set was a little slow… still getting used to wearing no belt… Also, shins were very sore and bleeding… as Matt (crossfitter) says “Looks like you’re getting your period in an odd place, you okay?”… Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope this actually never happens…

Afte deads, Willie comes up too me and says… So were doing crossfit today… I looked at him with a puzzled look ( like your out of your mind)… he then got pretty busy and stuck me on the rower… and says so 2000m… I said fml… sucked it up and did it…

Rower 2000m- 9:29… Since it was my first time he just told me to pace myself

Situps- 100

* Willie told me today he will probably have me do a full month of crossfit come August…Since I’m not competing until November I’ve got lots of time to spare and my conditioning needs work… well that’s an understatement… it needs a shit ton of work… So I’m getting ready for torture this upcoming month… Wish me luck!