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CPU Nationals 2019: Competition Recap

Leading up to this competition I really had no idea what I was capable of doing since my training was completely different from the past. I hit one volume PR squatting in training and that was it. All I knew was my coaching, execution, form and mindset improved tremendously and it made a world of difference.

Previously I had always believed I had to hit numbers in training that I was planning on hitting or coming close to on competition day. Since working with Arian starting in November though I was skeptical at first he proved me wrong and showed me otherwise. I went on to have the best meet I’ve had to date and made my goal of hitting a 500+ total at 72kg.

I must say it was a helluva day- definitely one of the most intense and successful competitions to date. I weighed in the morning of Thursday, March 7th @ 71.54kg(157.75lbs) and I was feeling ready. I came into this competition with a completely different headspace, I knew it was going to be a battle and it would depend on the day everyone had, after all anything can happen on meet day both good and bad. Instead of visualizing everything that could possibly happen, both positive and negative and thinking about what other lifters were doing I focused solely on myself, how I was feeling and what I was capable of doing, something that’s easier said than done. I paid zero attention to what anyone else was doing, I watched countless videos on professional athlete mentality and it paid off more than I could have imagined.

Squats went as followed (3/3):

Going into squats I was feeling good, I managed to get my weight back up pretty quickly so it made a big difference when I started squatting. My last warm-up felt kind of sticky but sometimes that’s just how it goes. I was ready to put in the work and move some big weights.


It felt good but nothing special, so we stuck with the plan.


It felt better than my first attempt, so I wanted to take a crack at the national record which was 192.5kg(424.46lbs) done by the legend Rhaea Stinn.

3-193kg(425.56lbs) National Record & PR

It felt phenomenal, almost better than my opener and was good for a new national record! I thought it was going to be a heck of a grind but it felt smooth and I had a few more kilos to spare.

Bench Press went as followed (3/3):

Warm-ups were feeling good although I was cramping up a tad due to the amount of sodium and water intake I managed to pull through and hit a new PR.


This was the heaviest I’ve ever opened my bench at so that was an improvement in itself. My erectors cramped up pretty bad on this one so I stretched some more, rolled out and managed to come back from it.


It felt much better than my first attempt so I put 100kg on the bar for my third, something I’ve been chasing for years in competition.

3-100kg(220.46lbs) PR

One heck of a grind but good for a new PR and the best bench in the Open category something I didn’t think I’d ever said ha-ha.

Deadlifts went as followed (3/3)

Warm-ups were feeling good and I was ready to finish the competition on a high note! I was ahead 5.5kg going into deadlifts and I knew Jess had a much higher pull than me so I knew I had to bring my A game.


I managed to pull my pec on this attempt which is something that seems to happen often in competition after I’ve cut weight. I stripped my pec and hoped for the best on my next attempt


Much better, no pec pain and a little slower than I would have liked but still a good lift.


Though the win was out of reach going into third deadlifts Arian played it conservative on my third attempt to secure that 500+ total which was a goal I had been chasing for quite some time. I tied my comp PR and left a few kilos on the platform but not enough for the win.

Overall, I had a perfect day. I went 9/9 with a 10kg PR total of 503kg(1109.1lbs) with a wilks of 493 and IPF points of 824.49 placing second in the 72kg Open category and third overall out of all the open women. I’m happy to say though I didn’t win my division my score was high enough to receive a place on the team for The World Championships in Sweden this upcoming June. I couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to share the platform with the strongest 72kg in the world!

A huge shout out to Jess Buettner for taking the win and pulling a massive 231.5kg(510lbs). I’m thrilled I was able to share the platform with you- you’re kind, humble and pushed me to my absolute limits and for that I thank you.

Thank you to Arian for the stellar coaching, constant belief and always reminding me to trust the process, my sponsors Inner Strength Products, SBD Canada for always ensuring I have top of the line equipment, my chiropractor Joanna Taylor, my massage therapist Richard Stannard at Kinetic Edge for always keeping me in tip top shape and for constantly supporting and believing in me, Kam Hughes for always going out of his way to ensure he’s there when I need him in and out of training, I love you, everyone at 613Lift for the training facility, constant hype and my family and friends for all your support and kind words!

My last thank you goes to all the meet directors, spotters, loaders, volunteers and sponsors for putting on a top of the notch event, what an amazing job you all did, you’re truly awesome and without you none of it would have been possible.

Back to the drawing board in preparation for World’s in Sweden. I’m looking forward to going through the process all over again!