Back Squats & Shout Outs to lifters @ USAPL Raw Nationals

Thank god it’s Friday! So I stayed out way to late last night and only got about a 4-5 hour sleep… I was going to to skip today but than I was watching Vanessa Gale, a good friend of mine, and some other awesome lifters compete today @ USAPL Raw Nationals and decided to suck it up (since it was my own fault) and go to try and get a decent workout in. Needless to say, it a pretty damn rough, but I still managed get get through my last week of 8’s!

WU- agile 8’s, foam roller, leg swings, bw squats








265X8… easy but harder than I had hoped

270X8…good… didn’t feel as good as last week & leaned forward on the last couple reps

275X8…good…wore my belt and it felt pretty weird since I haven’t worn it to squat in over two months but it felt way better and I was more confident moving the weight with the belt

280X8…good… the reps were a little slower than the last set but still felt pretty good

100 situps

It was a rough day but I’m glad I actually went, I would have regreted it over the weekend for sure. Thank you all USAPL lifters for that little extra motivation to get me to the gym today & congrats to you all, everyone did exceptionally well! #GOTTOSTAYFOCUSED