Back Squats… 305X6… That Was Cake… 315X6 It Is!

Today was the my first day back at the gym since last Friday and I just started carb back-loading today so I thought it might be a little rough today; turns out it wasn’t so bad!

WU- hip flexor stretch, foam roll, band pull aparts, leg swings, fire hydrants





235X3… for some reason I was starving after this set which worried me for my working sets… need to up the fat for tomorrow, that’s for sure!

275X6.. easy

285X6… easy

295X6… good

305X6… good PR… tipped a little forward on the first rep… but still felt pretty good.

315X6… heavy PR… but felt pretty darn good, probably had a couple more reps in me! I’ve never played with this weight for reps, felt pretty awesome!

CHECK OUT THE BOOTY ENHANCERS @  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9b1Lfpqq80&feature=youtu.be

Box Jumps 6X5

Had to cut it here or I would have been late for work, I’ll fit abs and unilateral work in tomorrow! Overall, I was pretty pumped about today! PR’s all over lately and it feels pretty badass!