Smith Strength Systems

Beauty Forged Through Strength

Smith Strength Systems was created by founder Alyssa Smith, who through her experience of being a self-conscious, overweight, troubled young woman found the sport of powerlifting which positively influenced her state of mind and well-being. Through competing in powerlifting she learned that becoming physically strong directly related with her confidence and she was able to change her thought process from negative to positive and set out to become the strongest she could possibly be.

Her journey has given her the strength and will to believe in herself and to never give up no matter what the circumstance; she wants to help women find their confidence within and embrace their true potential like she once did.

Smith Strength Systems is a business developed through personal experience and passion for helping women grow and succeed. The company is designed to help women build confidence, feel comfortable in their own skin and unleash their strength within.

We no longer live in a society where women are frowned upon for expressing their opinions and are looked down on for being strong and powerful; that being said it’s important that women realize what they’re capable of accomplishing; with the right tools and direction anything is achievable, the sky is the limit.

Smith Strength Systems offers a variety of educational tools, online-coaching programs and clothing & merchandise to ensure you’re working towards feeling and looking your best all while giving back to our community.

Meet the Canadian Women’s Foundation

I am proud to be an official supporter of the Canadian Women’s Foundation. 10% of the proceeds from each purchase of Smith Strength Systems items will be donated to Canadian Women’s Foundation to help empower women and girls across Canada

Supporting over 108 programs that engage bodies and minds across Canada, you will be helping women and girls create a new beginning.

Join The Movement & Share Your Story

Whether it be about weight loss, gaining confidence, battling depression, escaping violence. Whatever your journey may be, it can help inspire other women to be successful when they are doubting themselves.

With strength and determination we can make a difference in ourselves while helping other women discover their confidence within


My Personal Journey

Throughout my childhood and most of my teen years I was insecure, overweight and lacked confidence and belief in myself. I was constantly bullied about my weight and I made decisions according to how I felt, which was worthless. I turned to drugs and alcohol to mask my insecurities in hopes that it would solve all my problems, but it did the complete opposite and I was going down an even darker path than before. I often thought to myself, why am I here, do I even have a purpose on this earth? I never actually contemplated suicide but I was in a serious state of depression and felt lost.

Where It All Started

I went to the gym for the first time when I was 16 where I met Elissa Molino, a personal trainer and figure model, she took me under her wing and shortly after my life turned around and I started gaining some direction in my life. I remember doing a crazy circuit of sorts that involved side jump squats, sprints and inch worms and I thought I was going throw up, I was sore for days and could barely walk days and I had gained a liking to this feeling after a while. It made me feel like I was getting somewhere, I felt physically capable and my confidence sky rocketed after losing 30lbs…  

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CSEP (Certified Personal Trainer)
Canfit Pro Trainer Specialist
PN (Precision Nutrition Level 1) Certified
CPR & First Aid
NFLA (Group Fitness Instructor)
Workshop Leadership Certifications: TRX, Spinning, Drums Alive, Underwater Treadmills, Pre/Post Natal, Core Conditioning, Mobility Drills, Muscle Imbalance Testing

CPF RAW Record Holder

Current CPF (Canadian Powerlifting Federation) RAW records in the squat, bench, deadlift and total in the 82.5kg weight class

50+ Testimonials

Over 50 success stories with various clients from weight loss, powerlifting, looking good naked, injuries and simply wanting to improve their quality of life

WPC RAW World Record Holder

Current WPC (World Powerlifting Congress) RAW world record holder in the squat(374/407lbs), bench(192/198lbs), deadlift(440/451lbs) and total(1008/1051) in the 82.5kg weight class and 18-19 and 20-23 age category

Diploma in the Fitness & Health Promotions Program

Graduated from Algonquin College- Fitness & Health Promotions Program, April 2012 with honors​

#1 Spot in Ontario Since 2012

OPA (Ontario Powerlifting Association) 1st Place in 8 Ontario Competition since 2012. Current OPA (Ontario Powerlifting Association) national record holder in the squat(440lbs), bench(225lbs), deadlift(507lbs) in the 84+ weight class and in the 20-23 & 24+ age category

Article featured in Ottawa Citizen

Article in the Ottawa Citizen “Uplifting in Powerlifting” by yours truly

PL Watch Place Holder

PL Watch (Powerlifting Watch), #5 Spot in the 181lbs weight category

Public Speaker

Public Speaking @ Algonquin College to the Fitness & Health Students on how to help improve their clients while improving themselves

Top Ranked Canadian Powerlifter

(Canadian Powerlifting Union), #1 Spot in 2013, #3 Spot in 2014, #5 Spot in 2015

Sponsored Athlete

LVD Fitness
Popeye's Supplements
Inner Strength Products
SBD Canada